Box news

* User accounts have been restored with ssh keys, in most cases, but without the correct passwords. Passwords will need to be reset.

* The nri account has been split into nri and wsor4035.

* Edgy1: Please try the .pgpass approach to PostgreSQL setup. If it doesn't work, PostgreSQL decisions are up to you, but let's look at this and other possible solutions.

* Akuma and Edgy1 each have their own separate scripts for LetSe cert renewal.

* You don't need to keep Mastodon. I added it (a) for fun and (b) because it's a test of numerous components. Similarly, OpenSpades and FreeCiv are just examples.

* IPV6 is disabled temporarily.

* Websites can mix nginx and apache2 pages.

* MariaDB and PostgreSQL root passwords are the same as before.

* Akuma and Edgy1 will receive some erroneous cert renewal letters in the next 1 to 3 months.

* Please bind most services to the appropriate domain name or IPV4 address.

* Before you start MT worlds or other services that are bound to one of the secondary IPV4 addresses, you should execute the following script:


Below: OpenSpades client connected to a headless piqueserver instance running on the box.

I was introduced to this game by a group of Minetest players circa 2017. The game is similar to Minetest plus weapons. You can fight on a mile-wide pizza.

Below: AssaultCube client connected to a headless AssaultCube instance running on the box.

Below: FreeCiv client connected to a FreeCiv headless server running on the box.

Server tech page

This box is a high-end server running Debian 10. It has 8 vCPU, 16 threads, 64 GB of RAM, and 3.5 TB of NVMe disk.

This box supports both nginx and apache2. This page was displayed by nginx. For sample apache2 pages, see the navbar.

This site is box documentation. It's primarily for box owners and associates, but IT people, webdevs, and gamedevs may be interested in how we approached setup.

For a features summary, scroll down. For usage notes, click here. If you'd like to see how the box was set up, use this link.

Important: As this page may be seen publicly, names, passwords, key-pairs, etc. should *not* be posted here.


Web servers: Both nginx and apache2 (both with PHP7). lego, a replacement for certbot that supports multiple accounts.

Cloud storage: Google Drive and AWS CLI
Compressed RAM disk (see usage page)
Compressed storage disk (see usage page)
Containers: docker
Database: mariadb, postgresql, and sqlite3
Distro: Debian 10
Publishing: ghostscript, texlive

Languages: latex. python 2 and 3. go (recent version). node, npm, and yarn. php 7 plus a boatload of php extensions.

Multimedia: ffmpeg, imagemagick, lame, netpbm, scalex, scalerx, sox, vorbis-tools

Misc.: Fast versions of bzip2 and gzip (pbzip2 and pigz, respectively).

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